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    Illustrator CS3 & CS4 crash on launch


      Have used CS4 without problems on OSX 4.11 for 9 months. After doing an Adobe Update after Xmas, Illustrator started crashing on launch. Tried Illustrator CS3 and it crashed too. InDesign crashes when I try to export or package or place anything from Illustrator. Bridge has crashed a few times. Photoshop stable but gives "quit unexpectedly" message when I close it. Have uninstalled entire Design Suite CS4 & CS3. Reinstalled CS3. Trashed Acrobat Reader 9 and all Adobe prefs and settings that I could find. When I trashed the newest Illustrator CS3 settings folder from the User Library it made Illustrator take less time to crash on launch. I am missing my deadlines. What to do?

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          What to do?


          Handle these things correctly. Sorry to say so, but you made your own mess.


          - Uninstall everything Adobe using the proper uninstallers as far as possible

          - Run the CS3 and CS4 Clean Scripts from the support pages

          - Delete the caps.db in Library:Application Support:Adobe:caps

          - reinstall - first CS3 + updates, then all CS4+updates