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    A question about batch video processing


      I asked this in a couple other sectons already, but apparently they were the wrong sections to ask this question, so here goes again.


      We have a whole bunch of 10-30 minute video clips of varying formats (mostly AVI, MPG and WMV) and we are looking to set up an automated process that will "chop" them into 3min FLV files. We have a dedicated workstation to process the files, but we would like to have an actual person involved in this process as LITTLE as possible. Very simple, just take a bunch of videos and process them into 3min FLV files.


      I had hoped that Premiere might be able to do this via Bridge (in the same way Bridge makes use of Photoshop's actions to batch process images), but I'm not a video guy and my experience with Premiere is extremely minimal. If Premiere isn't the best program to do this (as stated before, we don't need to be able to do ANYTHING except chop into 3min FLVs) then maybe someone could suggest an alternate app?


      I would appreciate whatever help you guys can provide, and rather than spend 10 paragraphs explaining all the things we DON'T need this process to be able to do, I'll simply reply to comments as they are posted. Thanks again.