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    Site now shared but displays differently on each computer.  HELP


      On our LAN, each staff person has a separate secure folder for our local work on the department server.  Our software is stored on each of our computers' C drives.  We use Windows XP Pro.  I have been the sole DW designer, therefore my local DW files are stored in my secure folder.  Several staff members have been given access to my folder on a shared drive so they can help with the content updates in our sites. 

      We set up the site for one of my co-workers on her computer.  The path to the site from her computer is to my local files (not hers).  Files can be corrected and placed on the server from her computer with no problems, and the files sychronize so I can see what she has done on my local site. 

      THE PROBLEM:  Her WYSIWYG display is not even close!  DW has increased margin sizes (for display only--code has not changed).  Items that were positioned absolutely are floating around the page.  Floated elements are no longer side by side, but are bumped down.  With divs out of order, it's very difficult to make content corrections.  If worse comes to worse, she could make the changes in the code, except she is not a code person. 

      We've transferred the files to her local computer and set up the site again.  No change.  Our preferences and view seem to be the same, as well as our monitor resolution.  I've googled, but no one else seems to have the problem.  I've contacted our internal Web developers group with no response.

      I'm retiring in a week, and I really don't want to leave her with this problem, so I'd appreciate any help...even if you're just guessing.  I'd be more than happy to make some screen prints and send to anyone who's interested.  Reply to nbartusc@mail.sdsu.edu.  Thank you.