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    Importing projects

    Paul Swanson

      HI all, I need help. I'm trying to import a project from CS3 to CS4, the project is from someone else and i'm not sure what files I need to import the project. Any help wold be great. Also the project was created on a pc and I'm trying to import it into CS4 on a mac.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          To Import an existing Project, all you need to do is choose Import>Project and navigate to the .PRPROJ file. So long as you have not moved the files, that are linked in that Project, there is nothing else that you need to do - except, when you Project comes in, twirl open its Bins, and then Dbl-click on its Timeline.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This ARTICLE will give you a bit more background on Project files, plus a bit more regarding Save/Save_As/Save_As_a_Copy.


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              Paul Swanson Level 1

              Hi Bill, thank you for replying. I think I know what's going wrong, he copies the project files and .avi to a external hardrive and gave that to me. Now when I try to import the project files it's asking me where not just the .avi alot of different files, would there be a better way for him to give it to me or (because its really hard to get a hold of him) is there a way I can reload the files from his saves.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                This is common. The Project file is really only an XML database of links and instructions. There are no media files in it, only links to those, plus instructions on how to treat those files. When the location has changed, as in this case, the links are broken. When, a file was originally located on D:\, but is now located on E:\, PrPro cannot find it. This is where PrPro gets "helpful," and will tell you exactly which file(s) is/are missing. It gets better that that. Let's take an example: you have 6 AVI files, that are all now on what is seen as the E:\ drive, when they were on the D:\. If they are all in the same folder, all you have to do is locate the first one, and PrPro will then locate all the rest for you automatically. For Assets in other folders, you will need to navigate to that folder, and then PrPro will link to all Assets in that one too.


                If the folder structure has been altered greatly (not just a simple drive letter change), I usually use Windows Explorer to get a handle on where I will be navigating, as I find its paned tree display to be easier to quickly navigate, than the navigation screen in the Locate File function in PrPro.


                Once the files are all re-linked, I like to do a Save_As, incrementing the Project's name, so that the original PRPROJ file is untouched.


                I transfer a lot of Projects between computers via external HDD's. To insure that the links are NOT broken, I assign the same drive letter to that external in the OS of each computer. My Z:\ is Z:\ on all machines, and is marked as such on the case.


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