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    Weird line up issue in premiere cs3, with audio and video

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      I filmedt a band doing approxiametely 17 songs and we did everything in outdoor settings. The band used stereo system to play tunes and they synced to it and then I got the cd for insertion in editing. I have done this quite a bit in sd but  I shot everything in HD 1080i. I first captured my footage as a large file from my tape but my audio drifted quite a bit, so  I recaptured  capturing one tune at a time.Everything was then in line.  I also went from tape to card, so I did it both ways.


      Heres the kicker when I did the capture a song at a time the audio and video were in perfect sync. So I began to insert cd audio to replace the camera audio and it is in line for about 40 seconds and slowly drifts and I have to move the captured av file about 2 frames, on a 4 min tune I have to readjust 3-4 times. I can deal with it but it creates a tremendous work flow.


      I used tape and my camera is a sony HVR z7u. I have captured on a xp system and a win 7 64 bit system I get the same results. Any body any idea as to what is going on and would shooting on card solve the problem.



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          What were your steps in ripping the Audio from the CD? I strongly recommend that one rip the CDA files to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit. Now, the Audio is in 44.1KHz on the CD, so you would do the conversion to 48KHz in, say Audition. Do not compress this CD Audio to anything, like MP3. I like doing the ripping in Audition, and then just Save_As, setting the sample rate to 48KHz for DV Audio.


          Using compressed formats, like MP3, can introduce all sorts of OOS (Out Of Sync) issues.


          You are correct that correcting dynamic OOS is tedious work. Yes, it can be done, but one does not want to do that, unless there is absolutely no other way around it. Though you are probably way ahead of the tips in this ARTICLE, I'll link to it anyway, just in case. Who knows, there might be just one little tip that's worthwhile.


          Good luck,