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    Flash Player won't save local settings

    fmlogue Level 1

      We are waiting Adobe.  Fix this problem.  With Flash not working on both Macs and Windows systems it seems that Flash will soon be irrelevant.

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          fmlogue, I see you just registered this afternoon. Was it hard to search for old threads to rant on?


          I don't understand people like you that register for this unhelpful nonsense.


          There are people here that are searching for answers.


          Spam isn't helpful to anyone.




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            fmlogue Level 1

            I didn't register yesterday.  I have been registered to the Adobe Forums since early 2000.  If you want to check, you will see my comments and questions on the Elements Forum going back that far.  In those 10 years, for reasons known only to Adobe, I have had to re-register at least 2 times. That the adobe forum software reports me as registering on the 29th is par for the course.  My comments are in no way to be construed as spam. but obviously your reading comprehension is rather poor.  I was merely registering my displeasure with a problem with flash 10 that seems to be widespread, but with no solution to be found.  If there were a solution I would be a happy camper. As I said in my comments, according to Pandora it is a bug in Adobe's code and that Adobe is aware of the problem, but for reasons known only to them, has so far fixed it, or, at the very least, let the poor user know so we don't waste all our time reinstalling restarting, reinstalling restarting, over and over again. I have a paid subscription to Pandora and would like to be able to use it, but I cannot do to bugs in the Flash 10 program.  Yes I am angry.  It seems that Adobe forces me to use their proprietary program, but feels no need to make it work.  It is the kind of thing that made me stop using Photoshop Elements and Adobe Reader, but that is a whole other can of worms. If you have a solution, or know where I could find a solution, that would be more helpful than attacking me. Attacking the messinger doesn't make the problem disappear.

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              Jochem van Dieten Level 4

              fmlogue: you have an issue with Adobe, not with the other forum users. That you come here to express your displeasure with Adobe is fine. That you are posting many identical posts in threads from other people that in no way help those people with their problem is not.So what I did was branch of one of your messages to a new thread (this thread), and removed the other ones.


              Next time, please be concise, post in one place and wait at least 24 hours before you bump it. That way you are not replying to other people without helping them, and nobody will think you are spamming.

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                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                Ok, fmlogue, I had no way of knowing about your previous registration and if I had, I probably would not have said what I did. Frustration and anger are very normal emotions. Everyone has them at one time or the other. Sometimes we have to sit on the other side of the window to understand where the other person is coming from and I believe we have all been on both sides.


                Now to your Flash Player problem. I do not know what Pandora is, but for me it makes no difference. Your issue is Flash Player and I will try to help you with that. The only comment I will make is that the Adobe Flash Player has no "bug" in it that would prevent  the Uninstalling of the old version or the Installing of the latest version and it makes no difference to me who says otherwise. Something is either true 100% of the time or it is not true. I have the latest Adobe Flash Player on my system as well as many millions do and it works perfectly.


                If you would like to proceed, please post back your OS, what browser or browsers you have installed and each version.


                Also it would be helpful if you would list the contents of your Macromed\Flash folder.

                Your Anti-Virus/Spyware and Firewall either included with the A/V or separate(other than Windows Firewall) info is needed as well.

                Just to be sure that you are running as Administrator, right click on the clock time in your system tray, click on Adjust/Date/Time and tell me what you see.




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                  fmlogue Level 1

                  I don’t have a system tray nor am I running Windows firewall as I am using a Mac.  You might have guessed this since I was responding to comments from Mac users.  Yes I am  running as Administrator.


                  Pandora is a music streaming service that uses Adobe Air.  This is a quote from a Pandora technician: "It sounds like you might be experiencing a known bug within Flash we're still hoping Adobe will eventually be able to fix. <http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-1914>

                  I have logged into the site and i can verify that a bug report has been filed.  You can check it yourself.


                  Since a bug report has been filed I assumed that Adobe knows of the problem, so your denial of the bug is to be wrong. 


                  I am running Mac OS X 1.6.2 and am using Safari 4.0.4, Camino 2.0.1 and Opera 10.10.  All fail to allow me to set the global storage.

                  The contents of my Macromedia folder in my users Preference folder is: Flash Player/version.txt —


                  Also: Leopard/Library/Application Support/Macromedia/FlashPlayerTrust/AdobeBridgeTrust.cfg


                  And: Leopard:Library:Application Support:Macromedia/Shockwave 10/Shockwave 10 Preferences, shockwave_Projector_Loader.dcr, Shockwave.bundle and Xtras (a folder)


                  I posted on the three threads because all three threads listed the problem and no solution was offered or even attempted on any of them. It seemed like a a reasonable thing to do.  And if I got the attention of someone at Adobe and the problem gets fixed, it was.


                  I am sorry if I come off churlish but I have run into the attitude at Adobe before of “my way or the highway”, denial of the problem, or silence.  In the past I had the option of just not using your program, but in this case I don’t have that option.


                  I really appreciate anything you can do to fix this problem.  I apologize again for coming off rude.

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Hi fmlogue, What thread people post on doesn't necessarily reveal their system nor their problem. Regarding the fact that a bug report has been filed would not be the determining factor whether there is a bug in the Flash Player code. I'm sure you know that Java has  a system of reporting bugs and if and when THEY decide if it is valid then they assign an ID

                    to the report. They then investigate and make the determination whether it is so or not. So just because someone reported a bug doesn't make it so. Like I said if there were a true bug, then it would affect everyone that installed Flash Player and that is simply not the case.


                    Regarding the link you provided, http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browser/FP-1914, I am not registered. However, I did take a look at JIRA, a maker of plug-ins. Also I took a look at Atlassian, an Australian based Software Company, that is into

                    Software Development Tools and Collaboration Software & JIRA plugins.

                    What this has to do with Flash Player, escapes me. I also took a look at Pandora Streaming Music and don't see where it is much different than other streaming music programs.


                    Are you a developer? How is Adobe Air needed for streaming music? Just a question, since I don't use Adobe Air and am able to listen to almost anything on the Internet, TV and radio, etc.


                    fmlogue, this is not MY program, please, if it was do you really think I would be on this forum? :-) I am a user like yourself,

                    just trying to help people with their Flash Player problems, since I don't have any.


                    Now, I am not familiar with MAC, although I was able to help a couple of users with their MAC and Flash Player issues. Not because I knew anything about MAC, but because they were good at sending screenshots and I was able to see what their problems were. PC's and MAC are so different and I'm not sure of the "language" so have some problem with that.


                    You would probably be better served if you started a new thread with the information that you provided here and get advice from the MAC users. That is up to you. Like I said, I am just not that familiar.

                    From your Macromed folder you have the latest FP; and in Library, the Shockwave 10 is most likely for Adobe Air.

                    The only way you and I can work together on this if I speak PC to you and you interpret and speak PC to me.




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                      Jochem van Dieten Level 4

                      fmlogue wrote on 1/30/2010 11:30 PM:

                      I posted on the three threads because all three threads listed the problem and no solution was offered or even attempted on any of them. It seemed like a a reasonable thing to do.


                      Posting a message with zero information to help them solve the issue is

                      not a reasonable thing to do. Posting a link to the bugtracker,

                      recommending they try the workarounds described their and asking them to

                      vote for the bug would have been a reasonable thing to do. If you want

                      to vent, rant on your blog, write a letter to Adobe, but don't do it on

                      a user-to-user forum.



                      I am sorry if I come off churlish but I have run into the attitude at Adobe before of “my way or the highway”, denial of the problem, or silence.


                      You can see in the bugtracker the issue is "In progress". After that,

                      there is nothing anyone can do on a user-to-user forum. If you want to

                      do more, download 10.1 b2, check if the issue still exists and post your

                      findings in the beta forum.

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                        fmlogue Level 1

                        And I thought we had reached the point where we could solve this problem,  But you are still in denial that there is a problem and that there is a bug in Adobe’s code.   You have just too much ignorance for me to untangle.  You don’t know Macs, you don’t know Safari, you don’t know Adobe Air, you don’t know Pandora, and you are unable to actually read the bug report, which only requires registering.  What do you know?  You didn’t even read the bug report yet dismiss it and bring up some stuff which has no connection that I can see to my problem.


                        I have a suggestion, try googling Pandora and Adobe Air. You just might decrease you ignorance.


                        Pandora seems to think that they need Adobe Air to be installed on my computer for me to use Pandora, so who am I to argue with them.  To use Adobe Air, I must grant Pandora storage on my machine.  However the problem still manifests itself when I use: Opera, Camino, Chrome and Firefox on this Mac.  Since I am still able to use Pandora on my Mac running Leopard, I think I may have stumbled on what the problem is while pursuing a different problem involving Flash.  On Snow Leopard, Safari is a 64 bit program.  Adobe’s plug-ins are 32 bit. Perhaps if I run Safari in 32 bit I will be able to give Pandora local storage.


                        How about we agree to end this discussion and I will get back to you when and if I find the solution.  And thank you for reinforcing my belief in the closed mindedness of Adobe and PC users.


                        By the way, I use both PC’s  and Mac’s.  I believe in using the tool that works best on the problem at hand.  But I don’t have Pandora installed on my work computer.  And I won’t.

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                          Ryan Kimble Level 1

                          TWEAK DISCOVERED for Flash Player 10 to save local settings!!


                          I was digging around in:


                          ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/www.macromedia.com/bin/fpupdatepl/


                          and I discovered:


                          Adobe Flash Player.pkg


                          If you Right Click (or Control + Click) the Package and then select 'Show Package Contents' this will open a new window.


                          Then navigate to:




                          There you will find a file:


                          Adobe Flash Player.info


                          Open this file with text edit (or your app of choice)


                          On about the fourth line from the bottom look for:


                          OverwritePermissions NO


                          Change this to:


                          OverwritePermissions YES



                          A NOTE OF CAUTION


                          I have not fully tested this change, but did find that after I modified the local settings for the Flash Player, then restarted Safari that the settings remained the same.


                          Good Luck!



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                            fmlogue Level 1

                            Thanks for the email, but all I have in <~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/ is a file named "version.txt".  I did a full search and I couldn't find "Adobe Flash Player.pkg.  Is it possible that on my Mac running 10.6.4 I should be looking for a file with a different name and in a different place?

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                              kevinsa5 Level 1

                              This is my first and only post on adobe forums, this is the solution to the problem. I had the exact same problem, and eventually found that if you uninstall flash player, go into your home folder delete the Flash Player folder that is inside both Library/Caches/Adobe and Library/Preferences/Macromedia, and then install flash player again, it works.

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                                fmlogue Level 1

                                Thank you Thank you Thank you.  That seems to have fixed it.  I now can listen to Pandora.  Such a simple fix, I wonder that the Adobe Flash experts don't broadcast this fix to all who are having problems.

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                                  Resurrekkted Level 1

                                  Is there a way to make this work for windows?:) xD

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                                    pwillener Level 8

                                    Reinstalling Flash Player after deleting the two folders %APPDATA%\Adobe\Flash Player and %APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player may do the trick?  Make sure that you have all permissions in the underlying folders %APPDATA%\Adobe and %APPDATA%\Macromedia.