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    RDS Server Configuration In Flash Builder


      Can someone please help me configure RDS Server In Flash Builder? I would greatly appreciate it



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          SunilAdobe Adobe Employee

          You can goto Window->preferences and type RDS and enter your RDS information there.

          Are you getting any errors?




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            Bliss_0 Level 1



            Thanx for directing me to the RDS Server configuration dialog box. And no, no error message. I thought that the RDS server is installed with FB 4

            and that there will be step by step instruction somewhere in the help section to set it up. So, where will I find the needed information to populate RDS Server configuration dialog box? Please advise ASAP. Thanx.



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              Balaji Sridhar Level 2



              If you are using the new Data Centric RAD feature in Flash Builder, the RDS configuration should be taken care by itself.


              However, for a CF server your RDS information should look like this:


              Window->Preferences->RDS Configuration->New


              Description: RDSConfig

              Host Name: localhost(subject to where the server runs)

              Port No: 8501(actual port where server is running)


              Under Security information provide the RDS UserName and password given while installing the server and click 'Test Connection'.


              You should see a success message if all is well.


              For BlazeDS it should look like:


              Description: MyBlazeRDS

              Host Name: 8400

              Context Root: blazeds


              and click Test Connection.


              Hope it helps!


              Please mail me to balajs AT adobe DOT com in case you encounter any issues.





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