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    XML loading

      After my last Problems I encountered a new one.

      Now, I'm trying to load the 100 MB XML File for my local running application like this:
      <mx:XML id="myData" source="Preise2.xml" format="e4x"/>

      The application is working with my dummy XML-File of 2 MB and Flex Builder builds and loads very fast.
      if I change the path to a larger File (like a 25 MB XML-File or larger) and try to build the project, Flex Builder tries to open/parse/compress (?) the File and won't come to an end. After one hour Flex Builder does still try to open / parse it.

      The Memory Usage of javaw.exe is jumping between about 8 MB and 450 MB.
      I don't know if it is a Bug in Flex Builder or if I made something wrong, but my Flex Builder is loading and loading and loading.
      Perhaps there is another solution for my Problem to get data of an 100 MB XML File?