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    Publish Settings Error "Air FLAir1_5 is not defined"


      Hi all,

      I have been trying to test a simple Air app out using my Windows version of Flash CS4 10.0.2 and Air 1.5.3

      Each time I tried to check the Air publish settings I received the following error:


      The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:


      At line 1 of the file "Apollo_OpenSettingDialog.jsfl":

      ReferenceError : FLAir1_5 is not defined


      My Flash updates are all up to date and applied automatically so what is the problem here?


      I checked my installed Air 1.5 files as per the Support Technote "Upgrading the Flash authoring tool with the Flash Player, AIR and security releases" at < http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/659/b62ce659.html#air_1_5_for_cs4 >. As far as I could tell all the files listed are in the correct place - or are they...


      The update page says that file < FLAir1_5.dll > should be in the following Windows folder:

      (Windows) HD:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS4\<lang>\Configuration\External Libraries\FLAir1_5.dll


      All the other files have been placed automatically in the "Common\Configuration" folder so why is this one different? I copied file FLAir1_5.dll and placed it in the following windows folder: < C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS4\Common\Configuration\External Libraries\ > . Then I closed Flash and reopened it. Yeap - I can now access the Air Settings on the publish settings panel and I can test my simple Air app.


      I hope that this post will help others who get this error.