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    Search for word/phrase by ctrl+shift+F




      One can enter here  the file/folder path the search for word/phrase should be made.

      But length of this control element is really limited.

      If the chosen path is very long, with lot of folder levels, longer than the control element is capable to show it,

      the path string is truncated. Truncation in its middle part.

      Nobody is able to see how exactly the path is, after it has been shortened.


      And now, please imagine that there are several similar paths on the disc.

      They differ by theirs middle section only.


      Now assume the search needs 3 hours.

      1. After 3 hours of search run user can't say which folder of all similar folders he has chosen for last search operation.

      After search completes user is no able to check, which path the search ran in.


      2. If new search in some other folder but in a folder located close to the previous one is aimed  the user

      has to follow the whole path from the disc root - job intensive task.

      Adobe Reader should use the previous search path as start point of new search path selection.



      The full-feature product Adobe Acrobat probably also affected.