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    Justified alignment not working


      Hi, I can't seem to justify a block of text. After selecting it, I can align it to the left, to the right and center it but the button for justified alignment does not light up to clik. So what can I do? Is it a bug? Thanks Katherine

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          I cannot reproduce your problem. Are you sure the text block is selected?

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            My justified alignment is not working properly either.


            I would like to stretch the text across the full length of the box, which works fine as long as there are no space included. As soon as i insert a space, the 2 seperate words are bunched together on either side of the text box.


            this is how i would like it...                          A n d y  M a c r a e

            this is how it looks with out a space...         A n d y M a c r a e

            and this is how it looks with a space...        Andy         Macrae


            note that i need the space between the 2 words to be as obvious as possible.




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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Justified text works in Fireworks like it does in CSS. It sucks. :-) the justification is based on the spaces between words in a line of text. Try using the tracking setting instead. To create even space between characters.