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    RH7 doesn't import all FM files in book

      I'm using RH 7 & FrameMaker as part of the Tech Comm Suite and some of the files in my FM book are not being converted when I import the book. There's no error. They are just not there (in the topic list or TOC). I noticed that the files that didn't import are the largest in the book--between 22 MB and 32 MB. I tried importing the files individually. I only get an empty placeholder in the RH Project File. I reduced the size of one file that didn't import to 18 MB and was able to bring it in. Has anyone else seen this? I'm wondering if it really is the file size preventing the file from importing or if something else is going on. Hardware? My PC has 1 GB RAM. Tech Comm Suite min is 1 GB (2 recommended). Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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          No resolution to my problem yet, just venting here. I called Adobe sales (because I 'm using a trial version) to find out if this is a known issue. They transferred me to support. I was on hold for a total of 1.5 hrs being transferred from support person to support person because no one seems to know how to route a call for the Tech Comm Suite product- I kept mentioning that the question had to do with importing Frame files into RoboHelp. Ultimately I ended up with FramMaker support who told me that they can't support a trial version. I read the release notes, help, checked the knowledgebase and these forums and now I'm told by Adobe that the only way for me to get my question answered is to hope someone responds to this post--or purchase the product without being able to confirm that it works. I'm very disappointed in Adobe. This is the first time I've ever needed assistance with their products (seriously, I've been using Framemaker since '94). I've always been able to resolve issues on my own. I had been using ePublisher Pro for help generation from Framemaker but it doesn't support Frame 8 or .swf file imports. I can understand how supporting trial versions could drain support resources but there needs to be a solution for current customers (I have licenses for Frame and Captivate) experiencing basic fundamental functionality problems with trial software especially an integration solution such as this where the problem negates the reason for purchase.
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            Update: Adobe has been able to reproduce this issue and is looking into it.

            As a workaround I split the greater than 20MB chapters into two files keeping the chapter head on the first file only so that to the user it still looks like a single chapter. You may need to update cross references.