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    Adobe Air on 32-bit linux fails to install


      Hello everyone,


      I am new to this forum and wonder if anybody could help me with my issue:


      The AdobeAirInstaller.bin fails to complete. It puts some files into / tmp, then a short flicker on the screen. The installer dies without any comment.

      I tried install as root - enable the install log file ~/.airinstaller.log - it gets a new timestamp when the installer dies - but nothing gets logged.

      The system is a iei AFL-10A embedded touchscrenn system with an AMD Geode, 256 M physical RAM and 768 M swap, ubuntu 8.10 lxde and openbox.

      checked all the libs against http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/air/1_5/AIR_1_5_linux_release_notes.pdf.


      I am at the end of my ideas