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    Overwriting my footer!!


      Hi all,


      Probably a simple question


      I am trying to create a website for a friend of mine and and hosting it on a 3rd party hosting site (the address is www.bryleycomputing.co.uk/cornhill)


      At the bottom of my page I ahve the green banner which is fine on the home page, but on any page where there is a lot of text, it no longer expands to fit the text, the text jsut goes over it and it look really bad!


      Can someone please help?





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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have an example of a page with this.  I browsed your site but was unable to locate a page where this is happening.  I also looked through your CSS and the positioning is relative so the footer should appear after all the divs before it so I don't believe that is an issue.

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            bregent Most Valuable Participant

            Yeah, you'll need to tell us which page has a problem. But a few other tips...


            Be sure you optimize your images for the web. You have a few that are really large and you are using html to resize them. Resize them in your graphic app instead. Also, your Useful Links section text doesn't work well. Any time you try to align text over a background image like this you run into trouble when visitors have their text sized differently than you expect.

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              mcdowell5436 Level 1

              Thanks for note on the text size.


              It was happening on most pages, but I hadnt cleared my cache since a system crash, seems to be ok now!