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    Change container size...can I change back?




      The title may be misleading...I made my website in CS3, thrcolfixhdr design. Right now the width of the container is 890pixels. I want to change it to 960pixels. This should cause the maincontent area which is set to "auto" to grow, leaving the sidebars the same. (there are actually 2 settings in the CSS set to 890, the "box" and the "positioning". Not sure what the difference is, but changing either makes the page grow. If anyone knows let me know please...


      But the question I came here for...If I save the changes to 960pixel container and save the thrcolfixhdr change, if I don't like what happens or how it looks, can I go back? I mean if I save the changes, will I be able to see immediately in Dreamweaver how the pages will look? (the main content I'm assuming will shift) If I decide I liked it better the way it was, or if I have an issue somehow, can I just go back, change it back to 890? Will the content fall back to where it was or might I have problems? Don't want to have to "fix" every page. Don't mind tweaking, I'm talking about big problems...


      Hope that made sense!