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    How best to down-convert HD to SD?

    SJurick Level 1

      I am using Premiere Pro CS4 on a Mac and Snow Leopard.  I have some footage that was shot in HDV and given to me.  It was captured in Final Cut Studio and exported with the ProRez codec.  I wish to down-convert this footage to export to both an NTSC compliant DVD and stand alone QT files for the client.


      I've noticed that with different codecs and aspect ratios that I can get varying results, especially banding issues in fast movement.  I've included 3 images that will hopefully depict what I'm seeing:



      Below Image: Source window open and I have choosen QT NTSC Widescreen to match aspect rations (note that the hands are properly blurred)





      Below Image: Output window open (same settings as above) and you will notice that the hands have "banding" on them:





      Below Image: Output window open and this time I have choosen QT NTSC (non-widescreen) and you will notice the banding in the hands goes away but I get the black bars on top and bottom.




      So, how can I best convert this footage from it's 1920x1080 size to NTSC, maintain the aspect ration and loose the banding in the fast movements?