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    New to this - Question on HD and PAL

    Craig in Egypt



      I apologise in advance if this is very basic stuff but we are new to this application and also the video production process.


      We're primarily a music services company but we've been asked to provide some WEB videos for a client. We are currently searching for appropriate stock footage for these projects whilst learning the application at the same time.


      As we are in a PAL region, and before we buy video stock, can anybody tell me if we are able to mix HD video clips with PAL footage in a PAL project in Premiere Elements? Obviously the HD footage is much better quality and I assume will end up looking much clearer once the projects have been converted to FLV for a website? Should we just stick with HD footage and not be too concerned with PAL unless we need to produce DVDs? I see Prem. Elements allows you to export your projects in PAL or NTSC in any case.


      Could also do with some advice on how to ensure that all clips in a project are the same format - i.e. widescreen or not.


      Also can anybody advise what kind of results we could hope to obtain if we purchased a decent HD camcorder and shot the clips oursleves or would we be causing ourselves more problems?


      Thanks in advance. Any information greatly appreciated.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I would not recommend mixing HD and standard video footage in Premiere Elements. It's best to convert if necessary to ensure that all of the video

          going into a specific project is of the same format.


          It's less of an issue mixing widescreen and 4;3 -- except that your video will go from 16:9 to 4:3, which can be a little distracting to watch.


          As for whether HD will give you a better web video than standard DV -- well, this is web video, so it really won't make that much difference since video for the web is more like 320x240 or at mox 640x480 rather than 1900x1080.


          Same for DVD. DVD is standard definition. That means no matter what you put into it, if it comes out a DVD it comes out standard def video.


          As for quality video, you can get great near-broadcast quality with a Canon HV series camcorder that records HDV. Even  if you rez it down to standard DV, your picture will be rich and clean. Assuming you've got good lighting, etc.

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            Craig in Egypt Level 1

            Hi Steve


            Thanks for taking the time to help out a newbie with some useful information. Much appreciated. I also found another post relating to the mixing of formats, which made things a little clearer too!


            I'll look into these cameras. Is the output format i.e. PAL or NTSC of a camera determined by which region it is sold in?


            Thanks again




            PS - with regards to light. We live in a place where the sun shines virtually 365 days per year and we are surrounded by crystal clear sea water and mountains. So in terms of natural light for filming and some good subject matter, I hope it will be productive.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You should get excellent results with that lighting, Craig!


              And, yes, I would expect your camcorder to produce video in the format (PAL or NTSC) in use in your area of the world!