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    dreamweaver browser check compatibility (CS3)

    orange carrot


      I'm using dreamweaver CS3. When I use the dreamweaver 'browser check compatibility' on this page (http://members.shaw.ca/francine21/) I'm getting 13 errors (11 expanding box problem + 1 escaping floats bug + 1 float drop problem) I've attached a copy of the dreamweaver errors to this message.


      But, when I check the same page on W3C CSS Validator I'm only getting one error ( a negative padding)

      When I check the page on 'W3C Markup Validation Service' I'm getting 7 errors (all related to the slideshow, which are different from the errors above)


      Also, when I use the validation tool on this page in dreamweaver, I'm getting no errors.


      My question is, are the errors dreamweaver is showing valid? (or really a problem?) I'm using 'http://crossbrowsertesting.com/' to look at screenshots of the page on my mac in different browsers, and I hope these screenshots are good, because as per the screenshots, I would only need to fix one thing (a gap near the bottom of the page, between the pictures and the black bar) for explorer browser 7.0 (explorer 6.0 is whacked out, but all the other screenshots, 8 browsers are showing fine)


      I hope this explaination is not confusing, I don't do a lot of work for web (mostly for print) and I've been struggling to get this site to work using dreamweaver, (last time I used go-live) and css (which is brand new to me)....so I'm still shakey on fixing the above errors dreamweaver is showing...


      thanks for your time,