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    Adobe opensource SVN and all the authentication trouble

    tinylion_uk Level 2

      Adobe opensource SVN and all the authentication trouble


      Has anyone at Adobe looked into this yet.


      I know you're busy boys and girls but this is just driving me nuts.


      it's the same on all the projects hosted there. no matter what you do, at some point they will just start asking for user/pass. then you need to delete and start over.


      Has anyone even got a clue as to why this started happening?


      it looks as if at some point in the update the url root is called and thats what triggers the auth request?


      Im sure you most likely have other non public repositories on there but couldnt you just put those somewhere else so you can open the root url and stop this from driving me over the edge :-)


      really though, it's been going on for a while now and could do with fixing. Im sure if you just make the root url open, in fact so we could just see all the OS projects on there together then the problem would stop. wouldnt it be possible to move anything you dont want the public to see to somewhere thats not on the opensource repository root?


      just a thought.