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    Another DV audio sync thread - PLEASE HELP!!!


      I've been using APP v2 for a number of years now and have never had this problem. I'm capturing footage from mini DV using a panasonic camcorder and today my audio is slowly drifting out of sync over my 1 hour tape. AHHHHHHHHHH!


      I tried recapturing using the Canon XL1 it was shot on and same thing.


      What is causing this, and why out of the blue did it start? In 3 years I've never had this happen and haven't changed computers, cameras, cables, anything?!


      Please help. I'm going crazy

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          This is very uncommon. Capture via FW from a miniDV tape is basically bit for bit transfer and then "wrapping" that into an AVI container with the DV CODEC. OOS is seldom an issue.


          As a test, you might want to download the shareware capture program SceneAlyzer Live. It has a trial period. Repeat the Capture with it, and test for any OOS issues.


          Many feel that SceneAlyzer Live is the Capture utility that should have been incorporated into PrPro for SD, and feel that HDVSplit should have been the Capture utility for HD.


          Good luck,



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            Actually, for Premiere Pro CS2 this is not uncommon. The Canon  XL1 and GL1 cameras in particular had this problem. If you check the properties of the captured clip, you'll see that the clip frame rate is being reported as 29.96 FPS instead of the correct 29.97 FPS. Theis means the audio will get progressively out of sync with the video. It becomes really noticable after about 11 minutes. The problem is related to a non-standard audio sample rate created by the camera. Instead of being 48000 Hz, it is actually 48048Hz. This was a known problem with some older Canon cameras. Your best solution is to upgrade to CS4. Adobe corrects for this problem by creating conformed audio files. This essentially resamples the audio at the correct 48000Hz and eliminates the problem. If you search the Adobe knowledge base for "29.96" you should find a tech doc on this.


            ...Or, you could just buy a new camera.

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              I was unaware of the issues with the Canons. Thank you for sharing.



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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Would not capturing with scene detection on solve the problem?