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    This should be easy

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      I've got a fla file created by someone else a few years ago. Essentially it is a navigation bar with rollover text and I've been able to make edits to this so far. Now I've run into something I can't figure out.


      If I select a layer "nav items" , the layer contains a movie clip called "m1"  which is an instance of a movie in the library called Nav Base. If I look at the clip m1 in preview mode outlines I can see instances of another library item called "hitbox".  It appears that the text and hidden instances of hitbox are contained in the library item Nav Base..trouble is, if I edit Nav Base the instances of hitbox are not there or I can't find them.


      I'm need to add another instance of hitbox so that it appears in the clip m1.


      Is this difficult to follow???


      To test to see if these instances of hitbox I created a new layer and created a movie clip from an instance of Nav Base, and the hitboxes were there. I can take that movieclip in the new layer and go Modify>break up and then I have access to create the new instance of hitbox..but a script that runs to do mouseovers and such does not work.


      It would be best I think if I could just find where these instances of hitbox is in my Nav Base. IfI can edit Nav Base, then the original m1 would update..correct?


      As you can see, I'm not a Flash wiz, just trying to edit this one file and move on.


      Thanks for any help.