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    How many are using Flash (I mean FLEX) Builder 4 now?

    Ansury Level 3

      It seems like a lot of google searches (i.e. "flex examples") and Flex resources turn up a ton of Flex 4 examples and such.  Are people so eager to abandon FB3 that many of us are using the 4 beta already?  Curious to see the results of an "unscientific" poll here (if you know of any sites taking such a poll I'd be interested in a link).


      I've downloaded FB4 and played with it a bit but it was just too buggy, and the version of the flash player it installed didn't play nice, so I ditched it.  What about others?  Has anyone installed 4 and left 3 installed to work on at the same time?  (And did this cause flash player issues for you?)


      All I know is I'm getting tired of running into Flex 4 stuff out there when it's not even in it's final state yet--who knows how much of this pre-release information is going to break from now until it's finished.  It just seems like a lot of Flex-oriented sites are jumping the gun a little bit.  But, maybe it's just me?