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    Dreamweaver css styles

    janst Level 1
      I am finding formatting my pages much more difficult in Dreamweaver 8 than Dreamweaver MX 2004. Is there a flag that I can switch to make it act like the previous version? ...or do I have to reload MX 2004?

      I can't get the vertical spacing to look right no matter what I do in Dreamweaver 8! It is driving me crazy! I also am finding that styles are being written that I didn't write and I can't apply the <h1></h1> tags in the same convenient way. Is it the software, or did I just loose my mind?

      I used to create a page hard coded and then export the style sheet and then attach that style sheet to all my other pages and it all worked like a Dream! Today I am in a nightmare.

      The h1, h2, h3... tags used to show up in the properties box but now they aren't there.

      Does anyone have a clue what happened to my pleasant upright world???