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    Limited "View As" Choices in Media Browser (CS4)

    Mitchell Small Level 1

      I am just getting acquainted with Premier Pro and I am using Clasroom in a Book to get a feel for the application. I am working on a lesson that uses P2 media examples. According to the instructions, I am supposed to select "Panasonic P2" in the window for "View As" in the media browser. Except for "File Directory" all the choices are greyed out and I am unable to change the selection.


      I have also viewed an Adobe on line tutorial about P2 files and Premier, and in that tutoril, a new file structire open automatically so the various piece of the P2 media are all integrated for easy viewing. I am unable to get this to happen.


      According to my updater, I have the latest updates installed for Premier Pro CS4. I've delved into the Help files without any success and have explored the menus, also without finding what I am looking for, namely, how does this feature get turned on?


      While I do not anticipate woking with P2 media, it is frustrating not to have the application behave as the tutorial says it should. Thanks for ANY help regarding this problem.


      As an aside, this is my first venture into any type of video editing. Other than this glitch, Premier looks like it is well designed and I having no trouble getting around the basics of it. Premier will go way beyond my present needs and I will have to grow into this program's capabilities.

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          Actually, when the media browser detects the files in the folder structure it will choose the correct file type itself.


          Are you running the trial version of PPRO?  It is very crippled and has access to a very limited type of files.

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            Mitchell Small Level 1

            No, it is a full version, activated and all that. This is the only thing Premier Pro does not seem to be doing. This was installed as part of the Master Collection.

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              Mitchell Small Level 1

              Ok, got Premier to recognize theP2 media properly and display as the tutorial showed, but now I'm more puzzled than ever over why it was happening like it was.


              Thinking I did not copy all the tutorial files over to my external drive, I put the DVD in the drive and used Media Browser to browse to the lesson on the DVD. My screen matched the tutorial perfectly. I then did another copy of the DVD using the command line xcopy command and specifying to take hidden files and keep all the file structure in tact and replace any files already existing in the target.


              When I use Media Browser to go to the external drive, the P2 files are not at all like the lesson is supposed to look. Without opening a new project, I can go to the DVD and everything is as it should be, just like the tutorial shows.


              Since I can get this to work from the DVD, I'm OK with this solution, but it leave me wondering why it does not display the same way if I use the files on an external drive.

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                Curt Wrigley Level 4

                The files must not be copying over properly with their full path.   The P2 file structure is somewhat unique and has to be complete.


                If you compare the folders/files with Finder do they look the same?


                BTW; be careful using an external drive if you intend to use it for actual editing.  Externals unless Esata attached are generally not fast enough to edit with properly.

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                  Mitchell, did you ever figure this one out? I am trying to import P2 local copies made via P2 Viewer. Once they were viewable as P2, now only as "File Directory".



                  Premiere Pro 4.0.0 on Windows XP

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                    Mitchell Small Level 1

                    Sorry, tee-effe, but other than the Classroom in a Book material I have no call for P2 formatted material, so I never pursued this. As I said in my previous response, I was able to get it to work from the DVD. Since that allowed me complete the lesson, I was happy with just that. Maybe someone with more experience can help out.