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    Help- Trouble Publishing First Website


      Hi, I built and I am ready to publish my first website to the web. I have a host and an ftp account and have signed into the ftp account. I have fallowed a tutorial from tutvids.com that tells me how to publish my site and I fallowed it exactly. I am able to connect to the server from dream weaver and I am even able to see my files on my cpanel on my web server. I also have been able to connect ftp account on filezilla and I can see my files. After all of this my site is still not online and I am wondering what I am doing wrong? Am I missing something? Is there something I can check to see if I have done something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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          MTLWebDesigns Level 1

          The thing that I don't understand is why isn't it working? Dreamweaver says I am connected to the remote host and it shows my site files there underneath the remote host. Problem is, it is still not on the internet. This is becoming very frustrating because the tutvids dude said on the tutorial that this was very simple to do. Lol I seem to take simple and make it difficult!

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            Ben M Adobe Community Professional

            What do you mean by your site is not online?  Are you receiving an error?


            If you are uploading ok, I would tend to believe that the root of the issue lies somewhere with your web hosting provider and you should be in contact with them.  If this is a new domain that you purchased, a good rule of thumb is to allow 72 hours for your domain to resolve across all ISPs so that your domain is visible to the entire world.  Until that time a host should give you a temporary address to access your site.

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              I am getting an error on filezilla saying connection closed by server but before that it did connect to the server and it did have the files. I sent a support ticket to the server asking them for their help but of course they have not answered me back yet. The web address is www.centerstagesalon.net. When I got to that site it just shows the host and that I can sign in to upload the site but it should be the site. The web hosting account was created two nights ago but the domain name was purchased a couple of months ago. The domain name was purchased from a different provider but I have already pointed it to the the host and it does go to the host. The tutorial showed that when you go through the site manager on dreamweaver you put in your ftp info and test it and mine worked fine. I then fallowed the instructions to add the site files and they were added fine. Then I checked to see if it was online and it wasn't. So then I tried to get help through the host. I submitted a support ticket, which hasn't been answered. I also fallowed the instructions and configured the ftp account and dl filezilla. I was able to connect to the ftp account through filezilla aswell and saw the files on that. I then went to my file manager on cpanel for my web host and the files for my site were there under the public folder but still the site is not online. So I am confused and thinking maybe your right that something is wrong with the host. I hope they answer me soon!!