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    Best export/render settings?

    JamesMediaMan Level 1

      This week I am keying 16 three minute videos in AE. They will be given to the client who will then host these himself.


      What are the best settings for me to export the final videos under? The video needs to be rendered the highest possible quality (or something close!), but I don't want to be sending him huge fiule sizes. I'm looking for settings that will render in a sensible time, and provide excellent quality in a file type that is cross platform (Mac & Windows) and also is able to be accepted by many popular video hosting systems.


      I'm not too familiar with the rendering process of AE, so if you could me some jargon free instructions for the settings I would be very gratefu!


      Best Wishes,


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If keying means that they will be playing with a transparent background on a web page then you'll want to go with flash. The best thing to do is to render to a lossless with alpha codec in AE using the render cue. I'd suggest picking animation codec quicktime. Then you take that video and put it through the Adobe media encoder and output an FLV. Any competent webmaster will be able to handle placing a flv on the website.

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            JamesMediaMan Level 1

            Hi Rick,


            Many thanks for your response. The videos, even though they involve keying, are actually just your regular video file - the keying only makes up a small part - so there isn't any need for it to be Flash. The clent seems to want them as a regular video file as he will be streaming them through a video player.


            What are the best settings for me to choose, excluding Flash? It's a real hasstle isn't it wanting good quality but also small file sizes!!