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    Google Analytics

    Michael Gannon

      Can you add this to a Catalyst project or do you need to use flex or something else to do this?





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          Maxime Bodereau

          Try to make the applet into flash and import in Catalyst.


          Or do you want another issue ?

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            acath Level 4

            Hi Michael,


            Adding analytics is definitely something you'll have to do in Flash Builder, and you'll have to write some code. Here's an example of using the GA toolkit in FB:


            http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/tracking/flashTrackingSetupFlex.html#anAnalytic sExample1


            I'm curious - are you interested in adding analytics in FC? If so, why?



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              Michael Gannon Level 1

              The reason I would be interested in adding google analytics is simply because I'd like to be able to track my website and see if my marketing efforts are actually driving anyone to my site. The reason I'd like to be able to do it in Catalyst is because I don't know how to write code. I can some times pull off a little copy paste but for the most part, I'm a designer and not a developer. What I love about Catalyst so far is that it's allowed someone like me, who has lot of experience with adobe products (I've been doing print design for about 12 years) and no experience with writing code, be able to pull off some pretty professional looking stuff. Sure there are probably a lot of improvements that could be made to my site by handing it project over to a web developer, but for the most part, at least in my case, that probably won't happen. The people I work with don't usually have the budget for that. It doesn't seem like it would be to hard to have a spot where you could just plug in a couple bits of information like tracking codes or what ever and have Catalyst generate what ever code is necessary. Just my 2¢.

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                acath Level 4

                Hi Michael,


                That all makes sense. Thanks for the additional detail. If this is something you'd like to see in a future version (and it sounds like it is), you should post it to the ideas site:




                In the meanwhile, if all you want is to track visits to your home page, the easiest thing is to drop the analytics code into the Main.html page in your published folder. The GA site should have simple instructions for inserting the code into HTML - just follow those.



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                  I'd be very interested in taking a look at your site, when you're finished please post a link.  Many software developers, myself included, have never looked at Catalyst as being a start-to-finish web development tool, and I'm curious to see what kinds of projects can be accomplished with it alone.



                  John Dusbabek

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                    I've run into some similar hurdles when trying to give my life to my website designs. Is there also I can button push, or piece of code that I can cut and past, that will be create a database for my project. I've already typed of the names of the of the datagrid columns on the GUI builder so it shouldn't be too hard for the Catalyst to do the rest, right? Also, sometimes I get confused when trying to upload my designs to the internet, is there a way Catalyst can do that too?





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                      Michael Gannon Level 1

                      The site I'm working on is www.mdgannon.com. It's not completely finished yet but you can get a pretty good idea of how the site is going to come together. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get it to load faster.

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                        jwd2010 Level 1

                        It looks like all of your images are embedded in your SWF and there are quite a few of them, which makes the download size around 3MB.  The two approaches you could take to making it load faster (from easiest to more difficult) would be to reduce the the file size of your images; or to load them externally after the main SWF file has loaded.  The latter approach would almost definitely involve some code, unless there's an option in Catalyst to load images at runtime?

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                          acath Level 4

                          Hi Jwd,


                          Good point. "Externalizing" the images (making them load at runtime) will make a huge difference. Unfortunately, this option won't be available till the next distribution of Flash Catalyst.



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                            Michael Gannon Level 1

                            I like that idea too. Any idea when the next release will be available. = )

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                              acath Level 4

                              Sorry, can't say =).