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    Viewing images in ASSETS panel instead of FILES panel

    jarvis393 Level 1

      When I insert an image into a webpage I get an a dialog box that advises me that the file is outside my root folder.

      The dialog box then asks if I would like to DW to copy the file there now.  I click YES.


      The image is then available for selection from the FILES panel.


      On a Lynda.Com tutorial (and on an ADOBE help file) their images reside in the ASSETS panel.

      When you click-select one of the images in their ASSETS panel you get a preview of the image and the option to declare the image as one of your favorites.


      How do I go about getting my images to show up in the ASSETS panel so that the preview option is available?


      As I said, my files are copied to the root folder automatically by DW.

      Is there a way to select which panel they are copied to?