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    Creating a 3D Room and Navigating within the room



      I want to Develop a 3D room in which user can Navigate and Select the Item which they are interested in .When user click on the item posted on the wall a new popup should appear giving its Description.I am new to Flex so i want to know how can i do that and which Language and Database will be more suitable .Basically i want a 3D Room shopping website.


           I have seen one Tutorial on http://professionalpapervision.wordpress.com/2010/01/23/creating-a-3d-room-in-flash-cataly st-in-6-lines/#more-1711 .in which the author first used some images and set them at particular Degree and made appear to be 3D Room but in that he used Flash Builder for Creating the Room and them Flash Catalyst to some changes and made the Room appear 3D.Now i want to know how can i put navigation possible over there and which language should i use.


      Any Help Regarding this will be appreciated.