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    CFPDF Merge Tag

      I receive batches of similar PDFs from the government (50 to 250 at a time) that have 2 pages and I need to print only page 1 from each of them. I store the PDFs in a directory called PDFs.

      I can successfully merge both pages of the PDFs into a document called DS2019 using:
      <cfset myPath = "c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\PDFs\">
      <cfpdf action="MERGE" directory ="#myPath#" destination="#myPath#DS2019.pdf">

      Within the <cfpdf> tag I am attempting to use the <cfpdfparam> tag to merge only page 1:
      <cfpdfparam source="#myPath#*.pdf" pages="1">
      but the source attribute does not like the global *.pdf value I'm using to tell it I want all PDFs.

      Can anyone provide me a suggestion on how to tell the <cfpdfparam> source attribute that I want all the PDFs in my PDFs folder?
      Is there a better way to produce my merged PDF with page 1 of the batch PDFs?

      Thank you...