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    Data/Service better getAllItem or getItemByID?


      Hello, this will probably be an obvious question to you all but I'm pretty new using databases (MySQL + PHP)

      I'm creating an application that will contain a list on Camps. Users will be able to comment, rate, and post photos relative to the camps, thus I created in my database a table for the camps, the comments, rating and so on..

      When a user clicks on a camp the state changes and all the relative infos, comments... are displayed.


      Is it better to get from the server all the list of comments, pics, ratings when the application starts or to just get the one relative to a camp when it's selected? In the first way I'd have a faster nevigation but a slower starting of my app, in the second the opposite.


      Initially I was using the second way, but now that I'm implementing the possibility for the user to edit his comments and rating.. I thing it'd be maybe easyer to get all the data at the beginning, especially now that I found out the "Data management" feature of Flash Builder 4 ..


      Thank you all!