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    Swap fields in Premiere Pro CS4

    distriller Level 1

      How can I do "Swap fields" to a progressive video in Premiere Pro CS4 (4.2.1)? There is Project tab / right click video file / Interpret Footage / Field Order, but that only either does nothing to the progressive scan video or apparently converts interlaced to progressive, in which case my video goes very blurred and bad quality since it's not correctly processed.


      So, my video is .avi MJPEG, incorrectly defined as "interlaced" in the headers and incorrectly having the field order swapped even though there are no real fields since it's progressive. It's saved by Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card, no processing done yet.


      I'm just looking for a simple swap fields function for Premiere, but can't find it anywhere. At export stage is same or similar to that Interpret Footage place, I can't swap fields but just basically destroy my video.