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    Newbie- Why Can't I see copy on this page?


      Hi,  I am learning web design and have a learning cd and I also bought dreamweaver CS4 for Mac.  I have always used adobe Golive in the past.  I am practicing on my brothers web site.  I have tried everything to do this myself, but I cannot find the answer to why I cannot see the copy on some pages of his site, while others I cannot?  I have two examples below and I have tired for hours to figure this out!


      I am simply trying to edit the copy only, in design view: 2 samples


      1) I see the text on this page and I can easily edit it-no problem.


      2) BUT...I CANNOT see the text on this page, and therefore can only edit it in code view?


      It would be much easier for me to edit the text for this page in design view, correct?

      I appreciate any and all help . Thank you in advance. kevin 774-847-9989

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Well from the looks of it there are a ton of HTML errors and other things that don't validate and will cause display issues with DW.  This is because the standards of pages has changed since it looks like the page was made.


          My first suggestion would be to validate your code in DW (File->Validate->Markup).  And that will get rid of most of the basics.  Then run your page through the validator: http://validator.w3.org/ .  Right now there are over 1,000 errors so going through the DW validation should bring you down quite a lot into a more manageable range of <200.  It sounds a lot scarier than what it is but most are related, ie: if you forget a quotation mark in an attribute it will trigger missed quotes all over the place, or if you place a <p> and forget the </p> at the end, then it will again trigger multiple errors after it.


          By cleaning up these errors you should be able to get DW to recognize the text on the page so that you can edit it in design view.  If you have any questions about the errors feel free to post back.

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            kevinsully Level 1

            Thank you very much.