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    Install Problem Premiere Pro CS4


      I just bought CS4 Premiere, but it won't install!


      The installer crashes on the 'LangPacks' and then states: "Adobe Setup  has stopped working; Windows is checking for a solution to the  problem...."


      - I followed all instructions in the Adobe provided TechNote: Error "Adobe Setup has  stopped working..." when you try to install updates for Adobe CS4  products (Windows Vista)

      - I tried to uninstall and run the adobe script for cleaning. It worked, but the same error during next CS4-install.

      - Turned off

      - Firewall, virusscan, etc. all turned off  during install.

      - running updated version of windows 7 ultimate 64 bit  (fresh install after format, coming from XP)

      - tried to install CS4 in  parts, same error.

      - MB: Asus P5-E WS Professional

      - Intel Q9550 Quad

      - 4GB DDR2

      - PNY  nVidia GeForce GTS 250


      Please Help


      (I also contacted Adobe Support...)