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    CS4 and Red Camera plug-in polling

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      I'm interested in whether or not the Red Camera



      and the adobe plug in for CS4



      are working OK with successful results in general.  Any comments and experience with the editing of Red Camera footage with CS4 would be appreciated. Thanks.



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          rejdmast1 Level 2

          Works great with PP 4.2.1.  I used it for a big PSA last year.

          I just wish the source settings had gamma curves and that PP could output 16bit DPX files.


          You can load all your clips into PP, select the ones you want and send them to AE via DL if you want or you can do

          everything in PP and output to Blu-Ray.


          It should work great when the low cost Scarlets hit the market later this year.

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            Hi Rejdmast1,


            Thanks for the info....  How long was your PSA ?  If you had a seminar on the Red One and could ask that certain things be covered, what would you ask for do you think ?


            Do you know anyone using it with FCP on Mac to make a comparison between PP and FCP on Mac ?  Or Avid ?





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              rejdmast1 Level 2

              The PSA was 60 sec. but I had about an hour of RED footage - all greenscreen.  At the time, I selected the clips I

              wanted with PP and sent them to AE to make .dpx files.


              I then did all the effects work in Fusion.  Now, Fusion will read RED files directly, so the workflow is even easier.


              Maybe, the only thing I was like to see from RED is a seminar on color correcting.


              I don't know anyone using RED with FCP or AVID but I have heard the latest AVIDs can read RED directly.


              I also know the latest Color within FCP and also read RED files directly but I still think FCP has to transcode

              to edit the RED files directly.


              The current RED workflow with PP 4.2.1 is very, very good.

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                Ok, thanks a lot for the information. That sounds very good, as I would prefer to use PP with a PC workstation if it will work well.


                There is a seminar coming up maybe this month and I've been asked if I want to try out the camera, but right now I don't have a laptop I can use with it on location and it's unlikely I'll be able to use it and keep any footage. However, I'm reading the manual and will get as much as I can out of the seminar watching others use it with FCP and Macs....and maybe I can at least try out a couple of different settings on the camera and see how it looks on someone elses laptop.


                That smaller camera you mentioned looks good. They now have interchangeable lens mounts (nikon and canon and red) for it and it's gone up in price but still looks great for indie film makers and high end consumers..  kinda like 16mm instead of 35mm.


                The lens prices came down on some of the primes and small zooms ( 50-80 $3900 instead of $6500 ? ) and some people are starting to sell ownerships of the cameras, which will help prices too.


                My gut feeling is that it will be hard to beat the hardiness (ruggedness) of the arri and pany cameras (film) for a while, but when that happens I think film will be used less, with cameras like Red coming along.


                Thanks for sharing your info.  Are you by any chance in the NYC area?  In case I hear of any seminars ?



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                  rejdmast1 Level 2

                  I'm in Las Vegas.


                  If you search around the web you can find samples of .r3d files.


                  You can also download Redcine-X from the Red website to

                  play around with the footage - all free.