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    All functions getting called upon start up.

      I'm experiencing a really annoying problem, it appears that upon start up of my Flex application, all of the functions in the script tags are getting called, even the ones that have nothing calling them. For example: if I add the function:

      private function foo():void

      and set a break point in the first line of the function. The break point gets hit every time on start up. This is annoying as it is causing many problems with my webservice.

      If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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          _Albertx_ Level 1
          Well... but, any idea about why is that happening??
          You say something about a webservice, how is it related???
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            BitPail Level 1
            This is causing problems with the webservice because I have a method that calls the webservice which is getting called when the application initializes and before the webservice has time to load. This scenario happens even when the web service is taken out entirely. I actually believe this has something to do with a Model that I'm binding an xml file to. I have a custom xml configuration file for my application which is the source of a Model. Different parameters in that configuration are bound in different places. When I debug on one of these methods, I notice that the configuration model is near the top. I think this is causing my problem, but I can't be certain at this point. Does this sound right? Would the Model binding have anything to do with this problem of all the methods getting called?