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    Sorry, a serious error has occured... can't read Premiere 2.0 archived project


      I am in the process of upgrading from Premiere Elements 2.0 to Premiere Elements 7, and also from Windows XP to Windows 7.  I have XP on one hard drive, and Windows 7 on another.  I've installed Premiere Elements 7 on the Windows 7 disk.


      When I create a new project on PE 7, everything works OK.  When I try to read anything that I created in PE 2, I get the following...

           "Sorry, a serious error has occured that requires Adove Premiere Elements to shut down.  We will attempt to save your current project."


      In PE 2, I archived a project onto the hard drive Windows 7 hard drive, in 'my videos' folder, but even that causes me to get the above error.


      Does anyone have any suggestions that I could try?


      Thanks in advance,