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    Recreate bad scaling/quality


      Hi Everyone, guess this question is pretty easy to answer, never the less I have spend a long time trying to figure out how to do it, without luck.

      Basicly what I wanna do is recreate a bad quality image, but without scaling my image. I want it to be pixelated and bad resolution, like when you scale a picture to much. How do I do that without use scaling...

      Hope you can help me.

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          you could shrink the image to pretty small in Photoshop and then scale it 1000% or whatever in After Effects.


          ie instead of recreate, just create bad scaling, lol


          Could also mess around with noise, mosiac filters and oversharpen and blur the image a lot.

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            kimtrager Level 1

            It's not a picture but a movie clip. Obviously I could export it as picture sequence and then du a batch in photoshop, but most be a easier way..?

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              count_schemula Level 1

              render a small version of the vide as video, reimport it and scale it up?


              skip image sequences and Photoshop all together?

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Here's how I would approach the project. Determine exactly how you want to degrade the image. Do you want to add noise, pixelization, contrast, make the scan lines visible, blow out the highlights...


                For this example I did the following.


                Duplicated the layer 4 times, created a comp that could be used to make scan lines, applied fast blur, mosaic, an exposure adjustment layer, added grey solid to use as a vignette, then messed with blending modes.


                The layers are as follows

                1. Masked grey solid with feathered mask set to multiply for vignette with opacity adjusted
                2. Blurred copy of footage set to overlay with opacity adjusted
                3. Copy of footage with Mosaic applied to simulate pixels set to overlay
                4. 6 X 6 pixel nested comp with 3 X 6 solid centered with motion tile applied to create the scan lines, transparency adjusted
                5. Adjustment layer to control contrast and exposure of original footage
                6. Original footage set to Add with opacity adjusted
                7. Original footage

                You get something like this:


                Screen shot 2010-01-31 at 3.15.27 PM.png

                This way you can not only completely control the look, you can animate it. Something you can't do if you just scale something up to look bad.

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                  kimtrager Level 1

                  Thank you so much