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    MOv encoding problem

    alwinch Level 1

      CS4  cant seem to encode to any Quicktime format. everything else is OK. The media encoder loads the sequence but then marks it as complete almost instantly. Tried reinstalling quicktime...


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Just don't use QuiRckTime. The name is well deserved.

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            shooternz Level 6

            Reinstall or update latest version of QT or better still QT Pro.


            That should sort it assuming your hardware and system etc are up to scratch and issue free otherwise.


            For the record:  PPRo can export QT just fine.

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              alwinch Level 1

              Thanks for the attempt. I have reinstalled both Premiere

              , media encoder adn QT and still have the smae issues. I can encode out of AE so I am starting to assume that it might be the Media enco

              der. This woudl seem odd since it works fine with the other formats. IT doesn;t give any error just marks the status of the encode as complete a moment after the project loads. I am going to uninstall Media encoder and reinstall just it and not do an update and see if that does it.

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                yokohama_2010 Level 1

                me too,in ae cs4 output H264 QT Moive...is not ok..some times  jump frame..or black screen..but just Setup the Single Cpu [1 core] render IS NO problem,I TRY so many times,don't use the 4 cores render,everything is  ok..so strange。。。