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    Method for Making Button Rollovers Changed from CS3 to CS4?!?

    NathanWeb Level 1



      I love Fireworks. I've been using it since Macromedia first put out version 1.0 a million years ago. I just upgraded to CS4 (behind the times, I know)... and now I'm completely frustrated at the process of making buttons.


      As I'm sure everyone knows, in every version of Fireworks up to now, you just create a symbol and call it a button. Then double click on the button slice and you're editing the button states. What could be simpler?


      Yet, like politicians and my health care plan, Adobe decided that this method needed to be changed. And, after a frustrating hour... I'm left to ask... how in the world do I make a simple rollover button in CS4??? And why in the world did they change a process that was so intuitive for one that I as a long time user cannot seem to grasp???


      I have my template mocked up. I have a menu bar. I just want to select the freekin text and make a freekin button. And there is no discernable way that I can see to do that.


      Anyone? Anyone?


      For now, I'm reduced to using CS3 in compatibility mode under Win7. Not cool.



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Here's the way I do it.


          1. Choose Edit > Insert > New Button. That will automagically open the button editor for you, and activate the button building options in the Property Inspector.


          2. Build the UP (first state) of your button. Make sure that you center align the text.


          3. Set up 9-slice scaing, if you like. That will allow the button to expand without distortion.


          For the next step, be sure to click off the button, somewhere in the document window.


          4. In the Property Inspector, use the State dropdown to change the state from Up to Over, and then click on the Copy Up Graphic button. Make the changes you want to the button and text. Repeat for the down and over while down states.


          5. Click on the blue, left pointing arrow at the top of the document window to exit button editing mode.


          If you need to re enter button editing mode, just double click on the button

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            NathanWeb Level 1

            Thanks Linda... It's actually a fairly simple process now that I see it. But I couldn't find the explanation anywhere in the help.


            Thanks for your time to reply!