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    System Crash on DV export not HD



      Abit p35 pro mobo

      Intel core2 Quad processor

      8 GB ram

      Nvidea 9600 video card

      Realtek on board sound

      Black Magic Velocity pro

      2 tb raid 0

      2 1 TB drives for extra space


      CS3 Production Premium


      All updates and drivers current


      I am having a BSOD problem when rendering a DV clip to MPG for DVD.  I can render HD or HDV no problem.


      The clip in question is DV and there were no effects or other changes.


      I at first thought the problem might be heat related, but since the HD clips export without a problem I don't think that is it. I am able to export hd timelines both in mpg for DVD and h.264 without error.