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    BlueHost setup in Dreamweaver


      I've got a website created in Dreamweaver.  Now I've bought a service with BlueHost.com and haven't the slightest clue how to set it up.  I've tried the Site Manager in Dreamweaver, but it always fails.  Please help.

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          Ken Binney-GnPIX3 Level 4

          Have you read the tutorials at Blue Host


          You will need the FTP settings in their email to you.to set up DW FTP when defining your site.


          You will need to be a bit more specific than "always fails"

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            mhollis55 Level 4

            Ken is correct.


            But when you pay for a hosting agreement with a webhost, you ought to receive an email indicating that they are very pleased with your business, here is your password, here is your userid for ftp access and this is the directory you are supposed to upload files to.


            Here are the instructions I receive from my host, Inmotion Hosting (whom I do recommend):


            Step 1 Build/upload



            Transferring a Site With FTP

            The most common way to transfer your site from your computer to the server is by using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. Most web authoring tools (Dreamweaver, FrontPage) have an FTP client built right into them. You will use the following details to connect via FTP:

            NOTE: All files must be loaded into the /public_html/ directory regardless of the FTP client you intend to use.

            Username: arglebargle
            Password: blah blah blah
            Hostname: garble.inmotionhosting.com

            Once you have completed Step 4, from then on out you should use the following details:


            Username: arglebargle
            Password: blah blah blah
            Hostname: yoursitename.com


            Step 2 View your site



            Until you complete Step 4, you will need to use the temporary URL to view your site. This is because your domain is not yet pointed at InMotion Hosting.

            Your temporary URL is: http://garble.inmotionhosting.com/~youruserid

            When you have completed Step 4, you will be able to visit your site using your domain name:




            Step 3 setup your email accounts


            (deleted for brevity)


            Step 4 Point your domain name:



            If you have purchased your domain from InMotion Hosting, you will simply need to wait until your domain begins resolving. This may take anywhere from 2 to 24 hours. No additional action is required.

            If you have purchased your domain name elsewhere, you will need to contact the registrar where you purchased your domain in order to change your Name Servers / Modify DNS.  This can be done via your registrar's online interface, however in some cases you may need to contact them directly to make these changes.


            You must change your Name Servers at your Registrar to:


            Name Server 1: NS1.INMOTIONHOSTING.COM
            Name Server 2: NS4.INMOTIONHOSTING.COM


            If you did not get this kind of information from your web host, you ought to have. Inmotion Hosting is very good at handholding and also is very good at making sure you are clear on their procedures.
            I'll bet that, if you have correct username and passwords entered in to Dreamweaver, you do not have the correct upload directory specified, which is usually /public_html/
            I tend to not use the Basic Site Definitions, I click on the Advanced tab. Fill in your local information, including the URL of the website and then click on Remote Info.
            Access should be FTP
            FTP host should be what your web hosting service provided you.
            Host directory should be likewise (but I'll bet it's /public_html/)
            Login should have been provided as well as the password.
            At this point you should click the "Test" button to the right of your Login.
            Dreamweaver should try to establish a connection. If it fails, try checking "Use passive FTP"
            The one hitch here could be that you may have a firewall set up to prevent you from accessing the remote site and you can access firewall settings from the Advanced panel. I have a Mac and have not had to fiddle with that.
            I do hope this helps.
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              73ziggyzip Level 1

              Your rely was exactly what I was looking for.  This being my first website, maybe I should have gone with a company that does a bit more hand-holding.


              I finally got Dreamweaver set-up to send my files to the host.  When I test my website using Dreamweaver and Adobe BrowserLab, looks fine.  But when I upload it, and look at it on the web, the background images made in photoshop don't appear and it seems to be just text.  The linke to other pages don't work either.  I think I'm in way over my head, but I guess that is how you learn.


              Again, I appreciate your help very much.  I'm sure I'll have more questions.



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                73ziggyzip Level 1

                Thanks Ken for pointing me in the right direction.

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                  Ken Binney-GnPIX3 Level 4

                  We are eager to assist,  please post a link to your site so we can see what's up

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                    73ziggyzip Level 1

                    Yay, instead of using Dreamweaver, I FTPd the files manually and put them all in the right place, and it worked.  I'd like to see what I'm doing wrong in Dreamweaver because that would be the easiest way to keep updating as I make changes.  Now that I know a little bit more of what I'm doing, maybe I can work that out.


                    To give you a brief idea of what I'm doing....  I went through the video training "Bring your Web Design to Life" by Chris Converse and recreated all the files to make a template.  Then, I decided to learn how to host it.  None of the information on the web site now is "real".  I planned to get this far and then change the content to be more applicable.  If you'd like to look: www.hirelesshelp.com.  This program was excellent because it uses Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and some video/sound editing.  I have ADOBE Creative Suite 4 Web Standard.


                    Before this program, I was completely going in circles.  I may still be going in circles, but through much patience, trial & error, I feel I'm a bit closer.


                    If you could, can you look at http://www.hirelesshelp.com/theaters.html.  This is obviously not a real form, but I was practicing with some script I got from the Internet to get this form to be e-mailed to me.  I don't think it is work.


                    Any feeback or direction for a major amature would be greatly appreciated.