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    Meta Data and Background image.



      I Have recently created a portfolio site, and was wondering if Meta Tags apply in Flash Catalyst like they do in Other Web designing applications for example dreamweaver?

      I was thinking it doesn't, maybe because the deploy to web folder, just like in Adobe Flash recognizes the SWF file.

      Also please could you advise me on how to get a background image on the site because anyone that views my site on a screen that is larger than 13 inch, it has white space around the right side. I know a few other people on this forum have encountered the same problem.

      Thank you  in advance,


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          acath Level 4

          Hi Jack,


          1) Meta tags: You can't add meta tags directly in Flash Catalyst, but you can add them to the HTML page that wraps the Catalyst-generated SWF. When you publish your project, the published folder will have a file called Main.html. Edit this file and add meta tags before deploying.


          If you're generally curious about search engine optimization for Catalyst content, do a search for "flex seo". Here are some good pages that I found:





          2) You can also change the background color by editing the Main.html file that I mentioned above. In that file, you'll find a block of code like this:


          body { margin:0; padding:0; overflow:auto; text-align:center;
                             background-color: #ffffff; } 


          Change background-color to the color of your choice. You should also change the line that says:


          params.bgcolor = "#ffffff";


          with the same color.



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            (1) Why would you need to change the color in HTML when you can specify it in Catalyst (Artboard Size & Color)?


            (2) I think the question was about specifying an "Image"... you can't in Catalyst, but is there any plan for beta 3?


            (3) Can you put a tranparent Artboard in Catalyst and specify a background image in the HTML?





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              acath Level 4

              Hi Roger,


              1) The project you create in Catalyst is a fixed size (e.g. 800x600). The color you specify in Catalyst specifies the color of this region, which is the extent that the SWF occupies in the HTML page. The rest of the page is empty by default. By editing Main.html, you can added whatever HTML content you like (background image, color, or whatever) to the page. In the future, we'll probably make it so that setting the artboard color also sets the color of the HTML page, to simplify this.


              Also, if you're willing to code a bit, you can take your project into Flash Builder and set the artboard size to be 100% of the HTML page size, in which case the background color of the artboard covers the whole page. Again, in the future, you will be able to create percent-sized projects directly in FC.



              2) Again, you can add an image in the region covered by your SWF, but if you want an image to cover the whole page, you should either do that in Main.html or by setting the artboard to 100% size in Flash Builder.



              3) Unfortunately, FC doesn't expose this control, but you can do it in Flash Builder by adding backgroundAlpha="0" to the root tag of Main.mxml. If you do that, your HTML background image will show through.



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                RogerRatelle Level 1

                Hi Adam,


                When I test with "Run project" in Catalyst, all my screen space is set to the color of the Artboard. But I never published a project yet. So you mean, when I do, that the Artboard will be set to my color but not the rest? Gee, I did not saw that one come :-)





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                  acath Level 4

                  Hi Roger,


                  Oops, I gave you outdated information. You're right - the HTML page automatically inherits the color of the artboard. I believe everything else I told you is unaffected by this revelation, though =).



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                    tomsidi955 Level 1

                    Hi Adam,


                    I was wondering... I am working on a new site in FC and the fact that the site's look depends on the screen size and resolution really ruin my plans!

                    So when you said that flash builder can set the artboard to 100% size, you meant that no matter on which screen the site is displayed it will be 100% size?


                    If so, is it that difficult? because i am a designer and I don't know anything about programing...)-:

                    If it isn't, would someone please share with me how to do it? (-: