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    Navigation Bar 2 Part Issue


      Here is the website I am working on: http://atthegallery.footcandles.net/index.htm


      I am working in Dreamweaver MX 2004


      Issue 1:


      I have created my navigation bar and set everything to Preload AND Show Down Image Initially


      Here is what I want to have happen:  On the main page, Home tab is Purple and all others are Black; on Artists page, Artists tab is purple and all others are black; etc....


      What is currently happening is that you click on the tab, the others flash black but return to purple.  It is not keeping the current pages' tab the purple color and the others black


      Issue 2:


      I want to create a Submenu to my Navigation Bar.  I do not want it to be a dropdown menu, I want it to be horizontal and static (see http://www.elslights.com/rentals/ for an example of what I am looking for)


      Is there a way to do this, or a simple code I can add in?


      Thank you in advance.  Please, I know there are lots of ways to do this, but I would appriciate it if you try to help me using the method I have chosen, not telling me to do it an entirely different way (unless that is the ONLY way to make it work).


      Many Thanks

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          I'll start with the easy one first:


          #2.  This is just a different div that is loading depending on what page you are on.  It's not really a part of the menu on that site.  There is no action to trigger that menu other than changing the page you are on from what I could tell.


          #1.  This might take a little time to solve.  Definitely a javascript problem.  The problem I'm wondering is if the DW built-in functions will accomplish this the way you are intending them to or whether you need a different solution.  Give me a little more time or maybe someone else can come in and help a little on this one.

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            xann99 Level 1

            Thanks, any light you can shed will be helpful.  i have been searching for 3 days, trying to find a solution.


            One the second issue, any suggestions on how to make the page trigger what I want.  In everything I have read, it should work, but obviously I have missed a step or done too many steps that are just counteracting each other.


            And on the first issue, please take all the time you need, esp if you find a solution!