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    Drop Down List Menus


      I am trialing LiveCycle ES2.  When using a drop down list as a menu and the user selects an item from the menu, can a "populated" field show information on the selection made?  I am not skilled in the XML type language and am solely using the drag and drop features of ES2.  Thanks in advance for any replies.

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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          Yes. You could do either of the following (but not both).


          // form1.page1.dropDown::exit - (JavaScript, client)


          form1.page1.textField.rawValue = this.rawValue;


          The second option has the advantage of making the field 'textField' read-only (which may or may not be desirable).


          // form1.page1.textField::calculate - (JavaScript, client)


          this.rawValue = form1.page1.dropDown.rawValue;