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    objects moving 360 degrees


      Hi there,


      i'm not quite sure which forum to use, so therefore I post this discussion here.


      I want to animate an object that is turning 360 degrees around.


      Exactly like this:


      http://www1.euro.dell.com/content/products/superview.aspx?c=nl&cs=nldhs1&l=nl&pageoverride =media_view1&s=dhs&xdb=Z2xvYmFsOnByb2R1Y3RzOmxhcHRvcF9zdHVkaW86Zmxhc2g6bGFwdG9wLXN0dWRpby0 xNTU1I3JlZ2lvbg==


      It does'nt need any navigation like this example, but it's going to just an animationmovie.


      This animation is going to be viewed on a widescreen tv. How do I make the animation fit the screen? I'm not sure which resolution the animation must be. I guess this has to match the resolution of the tv. But is it just as simple as changing the flash file settings in 1920 x 1080?


      Does somebody know how to do this, maybe a tutorial?


      Thank you very much!

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          waterdad568 Level 3

          Yeah it is as simple as that. How you will ultimately deliver the content to the display will dictate how you publish, if in a dvd then encode as an .avi or .mov, and choose the appropriate display aspect/size, if display is monitor and file coming from comp, swf sized to display will work fine..


          Here's a little more info on the subject:



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            Harry Kunz Level 4

            Uhm... That's a frame-by-frame animation where each frame has that image pictured at a different anglular perspective making it appear to rotate. If you want to really do 3d rotation you will have to target AS3, I'm sure there's lots of links you'll find in google.

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              waterdad568 Level 3

              If you want a very easy method of recreating that effect. An associate of mine made a very similar effect a while back, pre 3D tool, the effect actually worked well and was very simple to do. Instead of creating a frame by frame anim with hundreds of photos, he created a background with a hung sheet, and small table that spun on top of an old record player, used a regular ole' Canon A70 and a few shop lights, and video'd the product spinning, converted the avi to an flv and embedded it. Looked awsome.

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                BenMal Level 1

                Thank you guys for helping me out here!


                Waterdad, the idea with the record player sounds weird, but brilliant!


                If I can't find another solution, i'm going to try it.



                Thanks again.

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                  waterdad568 Level 3

                  No prob, you're welcome.


                  I don't know about brilliant, but it got the job done. If you do decide to try it, I'll give you a couple tips to save the learning curve. Use either a crispy white well ironed sheet, or large poster board that will curve, hang from top out of frame, and then curve it down and out bottom frame view, creates a dissapearing wall when you shoot, no corners. We put a hole in the sheet and used rotating device... cough... under it so it, or the piece of wood it sat on (attached to the spindle on turn table) could not bee seen and made product look like it was floating. Light it well from many angles with oblique reflected light from a white board, eliminates glare if object is shiny or reflective.


                  Good luck.

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                    BenMal Level 1

                    Thanks for all your help.


                    I really appreciate it!