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    PHP testing site doesn't work

    erinlc Level 1



      I did this tutorial http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/setting_up_php.html listed in the forum FAQ page.


      I followed instructions:


      * Installed and configured MAMP on my Mac OS X.

      * Made sure that the pre-installed Apache web server was not already running on my computer.

      * Defined a PHP site in Dreamweaver.

      * Checked to see that everything had been set up correctly by creating a PHP page. I used the script <?php phpinfo(); ?> so that my webpage would simply display the PHP configuration information.


      When i clicked on 'Live View' in Dreamweaver to view my webpage there was nothing, just a blank screen.


      I re-did the tutorial just to make sure i didn't make any errors, but still i only get a blank page.


      Please help!