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    My client asks ... can we generate a PDF not via Word...?

    avi10000 Level 1

      Using: RH HTML 7.0.3.


      Hi all,


      A client has invested time into developing a good CSS style sheet and RoboHelp template for creating a nice looking CHM HTML Help. My client wants to find a way of creating a nice looking PDF document without investing more time in developing a good Word template for export to PDF.

      The client asked me what seems to me to be a dumb question about PDF generation. Is there such a thing as generating a PDF not via Word? - (Whatever that means.) My client seems to think there is a way. But since my client asked, I have to ask you all...


      I tried out the quick way of simply clicking on the PDF icon, and seeing what happens. So RH generated for me a PDF, without asking me for any more info. The Output logger showed clearly that RH was first creating a *Word file*. And sure enough when I looked in its target folder I saw there was also a *Word doc* there, completed a minute earlier. A definite sign, I think, that RH first created the Word doc and then from it created the PDF. (Btw, I don't know where RH got the TOC from for this PDF generation - it seems like a ghost of the TOC I used months ago.) 


      Then I tried using the Generate wizard from the Single Source Layouts pod. One of the stages of this wizard prompts you to select a template, including any *Word templates* you have fed RH in the past. Again a good sign, IMO, that the initial process for making a PDF is the same as for making a Word doc.

      Over to you all.