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    High defination video

    vineet osho Level 1

      hello guys

                   i m making a broadcaster to broadcast netstream in adobe air. that stream is view at viewer end that made in flex3.0.

      when i published the streamin broadcaster  with frame size320x240(SD) with frame rate 30FPS it works fine.  but when i used high defination camera and published the stream at HD frame(1280X720) it hangs the viewer side.i m sending the frame throgh HD camera with same frame rate of 30 FPS.

      what should i do to publish the stream in HD mode so that video stream not hang at viewer side.


      Thanks in Advance


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          How are you consuming the video on the client side?  What components, or are you using the raw VIDEO tag.


          Do you know if bandwidth is the constraint, or is it the CPU?


          Are you using FMS as the video server?


          What version of AIR are you using?

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            vineet osho Level 1

            Thanks for your concern


            i m just playing the netstream in flex3.0  broadcasted by air application of adobe air 1.5


            at client end i m using video display for playing stream.


            i m using licensed Wowza media server 1..7.2  as a streaming server.


            Do you know if bandwidth is the constraint, or is it the CPU?--------can not understand what is the constaarint bandwidth or cpu bandwidth

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              QueTwo Level 1

              As for bandwidth -- if you are serving HD video, you need to make sure your internet connection is fast enough to both send (on the server) and recieve (

              on the client).  Generally, you will need a 5MB or better internet connection on both sides to get 720p video and a 12MB or better internet connection for full HD.  If you are seeing stuttering, jitteriness, etc. this is most likely your case.


              As far as CPU, try opening up the resource manager on your PC and see how hard your CPU is working.  Older PC's (even mine of 4 or 5 years ago) many not have enough horsepower to process full HD video.  Heck, even mine from 4 years ago didn't have enough CPU speed to process a full HD video from a DVD, let alone from the network.


              If your CPU is pegged (fully being used by Flash Player), there are a few things you can look at:

              - Check to see if there are any Event.FRAME_ENTER 's attached.  Running something on each frame will slow down the video, and make it unuseable.

              - How much complex 'stuff' do you have you rendered on the screen?  If it's a lot, try to reduce it.  Things like multiple datagrids, or lists with lots of item renderers may cause issues.

              - Are you in a chrome-less window with transparency?  Try turning this off.


              I personally have not used Wowza before, but I'm assuming that it has the ability to do scale it's feed down to match the viewer -- i know this is the case for FMS.  FMS will judge to see what the highest quality it can serve based on the end-user's equipment and connection.