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    [Adobe premiere pro CS4] Getting started: Sequence settings & more


      Hi people, I am new here and I am from holland so excuse me if I make some grammar mistakes


      I have been trying to edit movies, for fun and for my mother, but everytime I bounce into an numerous of problems.

      So I have listed some questions I or problems I bounced into:


      Question 1: What is the purpose of the sequence settings? Is it used to match your source video or is it also for your output file?

      Question 2: And what if I put multiple vidoe's in one timeline, with sequence settings do I need then? of multiple sequences?

      Question 3: Whitch format do I need to use when I want to burn my modified vidoe to a dvd?

      I allready tried some stuff out, but when I saved this dvd to my harddrive or burn in on a dvd it's sometimes laggy.

      Question 4: Did I put the quality to high for a dvd and was the bitrate to high to read it for a dvd player? or becuase it was an HD movie?, made by a HD camera. Or did something else went wrong?

      Question 5: Which output settings can I use

      Question 6: Which output settings do I need to use if I want to put the video on youtube, HD-youtube?

      Question 7: Which sequence settings do I need to use when I have a movie with stereo audio and my output file will be an 5.1 audio?


      When I am busy with a project I found all these questions, while they are the basics which I need to know. So it would be really helpfull if you guys can answer all of my quenstions


      Thanks allready